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Summit, Greenland

Lat/Long: 72°35' N, 38°27' W
Elevation: 3202 m
Date Installed: August 2004
Normal Season: January - November
Instrumentation:     SUV-150B, GUV-511, PSP

SummitThe installation at Summit is located at the peak of the Greenland ice cap and is nearly 400 km away from the nearest point of land. The instrument is located in a heated and highly-insulated structure known as the "Greenhouse", which is part of the research station Summit Camp. This is the first station where a SUV-150B spectroradiometer has been operationally deployed. Instrument operation and data download are performed via the Internet. Station staff assists in operation and calibration.

The picture shows in the bottom left corner GUV-511 and PSP radiometers. The collector of the SUV-150B is in the center of the box-like structure protruding through the roof. The dome in the background houses a satellite dish for communications.

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