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The NSF Polar Programs UV Monitoring Network consists of seven sites, including three sites in Antarctica, one site in Argentina, two sites in the United States, and one site in Greenland. Instruments were installed at four sites (McMurdo Station, Palmer Station, and South Pole Station, Antarctica; and Ushuaia, Argentina) between February and November 1988. A fifth instrument was installed in Barrow, Alaska in December 1990. The sixth system, located in San Diego, California, was installed in November 1992. The latest addition is the system at Summit, Greenland, which was installed in August 2004.

Sites are equipped with scanning spectroradiometers of type SUV-100 or SUV-150B, multichannel filter instruments of type GUV-511 or GUV-541, Eppley PSP pyranometers, and Eppley TUVR radiometers.

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  McMurdo, Antarctica Lat/Long: 77°50' S, 166°40' E
Date Installed:      March 1988
Normal Season: August - April
Instruments: SUV-100, GUV-511, PSP, TUVR
Lat/Long: 64°46' S, 64°03' W
Date Installed: May 1988
Normal Season: Year-round
Instruments: SUV-100, GUV-511, PSP, TUVR
  South Pole,
Lat: 90°00' S
Date Installed: February 1988
Normal Season: Sept. - March
Instruments: SUV-100, GUV-541, PSP, TUVR
Lat/Long: 54°49' S, 68°19' W
Date Installed: November 1988
Normal Season: Year-round
Instruments: SUV-100, PSP, TUVR
  San Diego,
Lat/Long: 32°46' N, 117°12' W
Date Installed: November 1992
Normal Season: Year-round
Instruments: SUV-100, GUV-511
Lat/Long: 71°19' N, 156°41' W
Date Installed: December 1990
Normal Season: Jan. - Nov.
Instruments: SUV-100, GUV-511, PSP, TUVR
Lat/Long: 72°35' N, 38°27' W
Date Installed: August 2004
Normal Season: January - November
Instruments: SUV-150B, GUV-511, PSP


Depending on the time of year, data scans are conducted quarter-hourly when the sun is above the horizon. Data are collected on a reduced schedule at night. At sites inside the Arctic or Antarctic circles, instrument operation is on a reduced schedule during winter darkness.
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