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San Diego, California, USA

Lat/Long: 32°46' N, 117°12' W
Elevation: 22 m
Date Installed: November 1992
Normal Season: Year-round
Instrumentation:     SUV-100, GUV-511

SUV-100 located on the roof of Biospherical Instruments in San Diego, CAThe spectroradiometer system at San Diego is located in the roof of the Biospherical Instruments Inc. building, approximately five kilometers from the Pacific Ocean. The system was installed in October 1992.

The Pacific Ocean tempers prevailing winds and weather, creating an environment different from other locations along this latitude. Mornings are often overcast or foggy, but skies are typically clear at noon and in the afternoon. Monthly average temperatures range from 14 to 23°C.

Besides collecting data for the NSF UV Network, this SUV is also used for testing software and hardware, long-term engineering evaluation, and training of site operators. This means that system operation is more frequently interrupted than at other network sites.

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