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1998-1999 NSF Network Operations Report

This report is one of a series of operations reports of the NSF Office of Polar Program's UV Spectroradiometer Network. It complements Volume 8 data from the years 1998-1999.

Section 1 is an introduction and executive summary.

Section 2 provides a detailed description of the instrumentation deployed at the network sites, including SUV-100 Spectroradiometer specifications and operational requirements, ancillary sensors, calibration equipment, system control software, and the new SUV-150 spectroradiometer.

Section 3 describes each of the network sites.

Section 4 discusses spectral measurements routinely performed by the network instruments, and the methods to process final data from the instrument�s raw data.

Section 5 discusses the calibration standards used to process Volume 8 data for each site and gives the results of the quality control procedures applied. Topics include irradiance calibration, instrument stability, wavelength calibration, and missing data.

Section 6 describes the contents and format of the published data including the database structures.

Section 7 provides examples of network data for each of the sites including total column ozone, noon-time UV levels, and daily doses; and discusses differences between the sites, UV irradiance trends, factors affecting UV radiation, and the correlation of increasing UV radiation with ozone depletion.

The Appendices include errata, references, and code fragments for dose-rate calculations.

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Download the whole report:

Section 1 PDFComplete report (7.16 MByte)


Download individual sections:

Section 1 PDFTitle Page

Section 1 PDFPreface and Acknowledgements

Section 1 PDFTable of Contents

Section 1 PDFSection 1: Introduction and Executive Summary

Section 1 PDFSection 2: Instrumentation

Section 3 PDFSection 3: Network Sites

Section 4 PDFSection 4: Spectral Measurements and Data Analysis


Section 5: Quality Control and Calibration Standards


Section 4 PDFSection 6: Description of Published Data


Section 7: Examples of Network Data

Section 1 PDFAppendices

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Appendix A.1: Errata
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Appendix A.2: References
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Appendix A.3: Code Fragments for Integrations and
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Appendix A.3: Dose Weightings

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