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Network Update December 2012

The network's organization and data dissemination have recently changed. This page summarizes these changes.

Network reorganization

Effective 30-April 2009, the arrangement between the National Science Foundation and Biospherical Instruments (BSI) to operate the NSF UV Monitoring Network came to an end and the network was reorganized.

  • BSI continues to be responsible for operation and data processing of the Arctic sites, Barrow and Summit. Between 1-January and 31-July 2009, measurements were supported by an NSF SGER award to BSI (Award No. ARC-0907819). Effective 1-August 2009, the two sites were integrated into NSF's Arctic Observing Network (http://www.aoncadis.org) as part of the NSF AON project "Ultraviolet Radiation in the Arctic." The award (Award No. ARC-0856268) is jointly overseen by John E. Frederick of the University of Chicago and Germar Bernhard of BSI. The award was renewed in 2012 (Award No. ARC-1203250) and ensures continuation of UV observations at the two sites until 2015. Weekly updates of preliminary data are available here.
    See data dissemination for access to final data.
  • Starting in 2010, operation of the systems at South Pole, McMurdo, and Palmer was transitioned to NOAA's Global Monitoring Division (http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/). BSI continues to prepare and quality-control final data of the three sites as a subcontractor to NOAA. These data plus additional information are disseminated via the NOAA/GMD website http://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/grad/antuv/. Historical data continue to be available from BSI, see data dissemination.
  • Operation of the instrument at Ushuaia ended in November 2008. It is currently unknown if measurements at this site will resume.
  • The instruments at San Diego continues to operate and preliminary data are available here. There are currently no plans to produce final data for this site.

Data dissemination

The project's web address has changed to


Please update your bookmarks; however, you will be routed to this new address via the old URL.

This new site home has the same content as before, and will be regularly updated to include the latest data. Registered users can login to retrieve data using their existing username and password.

Data of the network are now also available from the following repositories:

Please consult this document for an overview of data disseminated by these repositories. Contact us if you need further advice on these new datasets.

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