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Palmer Station, Antarctica

Lat/Long: 64°46' S, 64°03' W
Elevation: 21 m
Date Installed: May 1988
Normal Season: Year-round
Instrumentation:     SUV-100, GUV-511, PSP, TUVR

Palmer Station, AntarcticaPalmer Station, established by the United States in 1965, is located on Anvers Island, slightly outside the Antarctic Circle. The station is manned year-round and has diverse flora and fauna. Various experiments, primarily related to biological sciences, take advantage of the laboratory and field facilities. The station is normally only accessible by ice-strengthened boat at intervals of approximately one month.

Home sweet home
Installation at TerraLab
The SUV spectroradiometer system at Palmer Station was originally installed in the roof of the vestibule of the Clean Air Building in May 1988, but was relocated to Building
T-5 in March 1993. In May 2006, it was relocated to the new TerraLab building, which replaces T-5. The instrument is operated by research associates from Raytheon Polar Services under contract to NSF. Data is transferred automatically via the Internet.

A glacier and distant mountains are in the field-of-view of the instrument between 310 and 135 degrees azimuth with elevations of up to 5 degrees above the horizon.

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