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Real-time UV levels at
San Diego, CA

Measurements are performed with a GUV-511 filter radiometer. Graphs are updated every 10 minutes. A description of the instrument and its calibration can be found here.

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UV Index


UV Index value   Exposure category
0-2   Low
3-5   Moderate
6-7   High
8-10   Very high
11 or higher   Extreme

Read more about the UV Index.

Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR)

Total Ozone


1- Ozone values are only displayed for times when the solar zenith angle is smaller than 75°.
2- Ozone values can appear abnormally high during cloudy periods. This effect is caused by multiple scattering of photons inside the cloud. This leads to an enhanced photon path length, resulting in an amplification of absorption by ozone molecules that are located inside the cloud.

Additional Data Products
Use the pull-down menu to select one of over 30 additional data products. A description of all data products and action-spectra can be found here.

Data Product
Download data in text format
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