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McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Lat/Long: 77°50' S, 166°40' E
Elevation: 183 m
Date Installed: March 1988
Normal Season: August - April
Instrumentation:     SUV-100, GUV-511, PSP, TUVR

Arrival Heights, McMurdo Station - The SUV is located in the
white building in the foreground; Mount Discovery is in the background McMurdo Station is located on the southern tip of Ross Island and has had a long history in Antarctic exploration. The research station is operated year-round, but is normally accessible only between October and February with the exception of a short series of flights in early September or late August ("WinFly").

The spectroradiometer system at McMurdo Station is located in the roof of the facility at Arrival Heights (the white building on the left in the photo above), in the hills above the main base. The instrument is inspected by research associates from Raytheon Polar Services every one to three days, weather permitting. Data is transferred automatically via the Internet.

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