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Filename Convention of Zip Files
Containing High-resolution Scans

Full-resolution solar spectra available from the ftp-site ftp://www.biospherical.com/NSF/ may be stored in compressed "zip"-format. Zip-files have the following filename convention:



  • VV  is the identifier of data volume.
  • S     is the site code letter:
    • A = McMurdo Station
    • B = Palmer Station
    • C = Amundsen Scott South Pole Station
    • D = Ushuaia
    • E = San Diego
    • F = Barrow

  • T     is the identifier for scan type:
    • H = High resolution (Volumes 1-6 only)
    • M = Medium resolution (Volumes 1-6 only)
    • L = Low resolution (Volumes 1-6 only)
    • C = Composite scan (Volumes 7 and higher)

  • YY  is the year identifier, e.g. "99" for the year 1999 and "00" for the year 2000.
  • MM  is the month identifier, i.e. "01" for January, "02" for February, "12" for December.
  • ZIP is the filename extension for zip-files.
For example, the zip-file 11AC0112.ZIP contains composite scans measured at McMurdo during December 2001 that are part of Volume 11.

For filename convention and contents of high-resolution scans, see Section 6.3 of the 2000-2001 NSF UV Network Operations Report (PDF file). Contents of composite scans are also summarized here.

Decompression tools for a large number of Operating Systems including Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS are available via the websites
www.info-zip.org and www.pkware.com.

A graphical decompression tool for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems is available via the website www.winzip.com.

Note for Windows XP users:
Zip-files can be directly accessed under Windows XP, which has built-in zip compatibility. Some programs may require you to first transfer files to non-compressed folders on your hard drive before being able to open the files.

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