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Version 2 NSF network data:
Documentation for Summit

Version 2 NSF network data from Summit have been introduced in the publication

    Bernhard, G., C. R. Booth, and J. C. Ehramjian. (2008). Comparison of UV irradiance measurements at Summit, Greenland; Barrow, Alaska; and South Pole, Antarctica, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8, 4799–4810.
The publication is available here.

A comprehensive uncertainty budget of the SUV-150B spectroradiometer at Summit is available here.

Further information on the system can be found in the paper:

    Wuttke S., G. Seckmeyer, G. Bernhard, J. Ehramjian, R. McKenzie, P. Johnston, and M. O'Neil. (2006). New spectroradiometers complying with the NDSC standards, J. Atmos. Ocean. Tech., 23(2), 241–251.

The following remarks should be taken into consideration when using Summit data of Volumes 14 - 16 (2004-2007):

  • Influence from local smoke
    Smoke from the station's power plant was sometimes moving over the instrument and partially blocked the solar beam. This led to short-term (time constant < 1 second) variations in measured spectra. Fluctuations in irradiance can be as high as ±20%. Most spectra affected by the smoke have been flagged, but it is likely that some contaminated spectra are still part of the unflagged data set.

  • Parameters for modeling
    • Aerosols
      Model spectra complementing measurements were calculated with background aerosol conditions. Aerosol extinction was parameterized with Ångström's turbidity formula. The parameters alpha and beta were set to 1.0 and 0.008, respectively. This translates to an aerosol optical depth of 0.016 at 500 nm. This value is about the lowest aerosol optical depth that can be expected at Summit. Actual values are higher most of the time.
    • Albedo
      Surface Albedo was set to 0.97.
    • Ozone profiles
      The vertical distribution of total ozone is based on ozone sonde measurements performed by NOAA/ESRL/GMD.

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